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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 Review Posted

Posted in Uncategorized on April 28, 2009 by Ron Risman

Finally, after months in the making, I have finished my review of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. I still have one more video to post, which should be up by tomorrow evening, but the completed text review along with the two video’s I have already posted below are all completed.

Review Link:


Photo Shoot at Saint-Gaudens

Posted in Uncategorized on April 27, 2009 by Ron Risman

Today, a group of photographers and models from the “New England Portrait Photographers and Models” meetup group drove 2 1/2 hours to Saint-Gaudens in Cornish, NH for a great photo shoot.

Saint-Gaudens is a national historic site with a beautiful home, studios and gardens of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, one of America’s greatest sculptors. Since Saint-Guadens doesn’t open until Memorial Day weekend and the fact that it’s only April (despite the 80-degree temps) there were little in the way of flowers, but the property still offered ample backdrops for us photogs.

Here are a couple of photos from the shoot. Sometime this week many more will be posted to my portfolio site over at

I created this photo below as a vertical panorama. The tree in front of the building was so beautiful, but even with a 24mm wide lens I wasn’t able to capture the entire height. Instead I took two images, one on top of the other with about a 20% overlap and used the Panorama feature of Photoshop CS4 to merge them. I also used the perspective tool in Photoshop to correct for some perspective issues caused by the 24mm wide lens.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 – Editing Demonstration

Posted in Uncategorized on April 21, 2009 by Ron Risman

In this demonstration I take you through some of the editing features found in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. This video should help get you up and editing pretty quickly with Premiere Pro CS4. You’ll learn how to make use of the media browser, effects menu, source monitor, project monitor, project panel, timeline, as well as using many of the editing tools (ripple, rollling, slip, and slide edit tools).

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 – Layout Introduction Video

Posted in Uncategorized on April 17, 2009 by Ron Risman

While I continue working on my review of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 I decided to upload my first video which is an introduction to the layout of the Adobe PP CS4 interface.   The video is approx. 20 minutes in length and will be followed up (in a few days) with another video that dives into actual editing with the software.

Meetup with other Photographers

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meetup_logo1Photography has for the most part always been a somewhat lonely hobby.  Most photographers like to get out in the early morning light or late in the evening just before the sun goes down, a time when others are still sleeping or heading out for a night on the town.  Thanks to the internet photographers now have an easy way to meet up with other photographers – on a site called , is not just for photographers as the site allows you to search virtually any hobby or interest.  Looking to meet up with others with a similar passion or interest?  You’ll most likely find it on   Search Kyaking, Hiking, Investing, Crafts, Meditation, Yoga, Star Gazing, photography, Video,  or anything else and you’ll most likely groups in your area that get together for meetups.

I first discovered this site back in January and have since joined 4 meetup groups all related to photography.    Most all of the groups are free to join and many will charge a trivial fee for each meetup ($1-$5) depending of food, etc.    One of the groups that I belong to is a portrait photography group and the fee’s range from $10-$100 for most of the meetups, but the organizers provide their expertise,  models, and studio equipment in exchange.   This group also happens to be the most active of all four groups and as a photographer I love it.  Not only  do I get a chance to meet other photographers, I also get the chance to build a portfolio – albeit at a price.   Noboby ever said that photography is an inexpensive hobby – especiall in the digital day.

Working on Video Review of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

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cs4_premiere_pro_11In the past six months I have been watching the convergence of photography and videography in higher-end digital SLR’s.   While point & shoot cameras have had the ability to capture video they have never rivaled a camcorder in any way other than convenience.    This changed back in October when Nikon announced the D90 DSLR and Canon soon followed with their announcement of the EOS 5D Mark II.    Since then Panasonic has joined in with the announcement of their DMC-GH1, a camera that will soon be shipping.

What makes these camera’s so unique for video is that they combine HD video with the the flexibility of interchangeable lenses as well as the ability to control depth of field (aka depth of focus).   Pop on a fast f/1.8 or f/2.8 lens and you’ll be able to create some incredible pull-focus effects never before seen in a consumer priced video camera.

At the same time that these new video-capable cameras were hitting store shelves, Adobe released their latest versions of Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Premiere Pro CS4.  These two mediums (photo and video) when used together can take a photography business to the next level and Adobe is hoping that the software they use will be theirs.

While I have used many video editing software packages over the past year, the introduction to the new Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 left me in somewhat unfamiliar territory.   What I found amazing is that a powerful (and expensive) application like this doesn’t even come with a manual.  Yes, Adobe offers some basic getting started video’s on their website and there are a other video clips scattered around the web, but none of them gave me the full understanding of what this sofware could do.   My last resort was to sign up for, an online software training website.

After watching a couple of hours worth of video training on Premier Pro CS4 and spending countless hours more editing video, trying new features, and using the new media encoder to render out final video’s I feel I am now ready to start my review.  In the next few days I will be working on multiple video’s highlighting the workflow and capabilities of Premiere Pro CS4  along with mentioning some of its limitations.

Stay tuned…

The Start of Something New

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This is me!

This is me!

I have been busy working 24/7 and in between trying to get out to photograph the beauty around me. I run a popular photography website,, and also run an eCommerce company that helps photography retailers with their online presence. What I have never done is to share more about myself and my daily life with others. This blog is designed to do just that.   Why?   That’s a good question.   Hopefully the more I share the more I’ll learn about myself.