Meetup with other Photographers

meetup_logo1Photography has for the most part always been a somewhat lonely hobby.  Most photographers like to get out in the early morning light or late in the evening just before the sun goes down, a time when others are still sleeping or heading out for a night on the town.  Thanks to the internet photographers now have an easy way to meet up with other photographers – on a site called , is not just for photographers as the site allows you to search virtually any hobby or interest.  Looking to meet up with others with a similar passion or interest?  You’ll most likely find it on   Search Kyaking, Hiking, Investing, Crafts, Meditation, Yoga, Star Gazing, photography, Video,  or anything else and you’ll most likely groups in your area that get together for meetups.

I first discovered this site back in January and have since joined 4 meetup groups all related to photography.    Most all of the groups are free to join and many will charge a trivial fee for each meetup ($1-$5) depending of food, etc.    One of the groups that I belong to is a portrait photography group and the fee’s range from $10-$100 for most of the meetups, but the organizers provide their expertise,  models, and studio equipment in exchange.   This group also happens to be the most active of all four groups and as a photographer I love it.  Not only  do I get a chance to meet other photographers, I also get the chance to build a portfolio – albeit at a price.   Noboby ever said that photography is an inexpensive hobby – especiall in the digital day.


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