Bridal Shoot

This past Friday I had the opportunity to work with veteran wedding photographer Diane Sage of Sage Photography on a Bridal Shoot for one of her clients. Diane had asked if I knew any models that we could get for the shoot. I had worked with a couple in the past month so I headed over to Model Mayhem (MM) and sent out an email to a few of the them. I also put out a “casting call” to see what other models I might be able to find for the shoot.

The requirement for this shoot was that the model needed to have her own gown or dress and it had to match what Diane had in mind for the shoot. None of the models that I had worked with had access to a wedding dress, but luckily the casting call got me enough inquiries that we were able to find three great models for the shoot. As this was my first attempt at hiring models on MM I really wasn’t sure how reliable / professional the models would be, but I was very surprised. All three models showed up despite a gloomy weather forecast and the shoot was great success. Diane also invited one of her past clients to model for the shoot as well – so in total there were four brides and three photographers (Diane, Arthur, and myself). Arthur is a talented photographer who has been 2nd shooting for Diane for the past year.

Here are a few of my images from the shoot:

Jenn: MM #569268

Amy: MM #1121218

Katie: MM #634077


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