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Cinematic Stories, the beginning

Posted in Ramblings with tags , , , , , on September 23, 2009 by Ron Risman

Since purchasing the EOS 5D Mark II late last year I have once again become hooked on video. Over the past 12 years or so I have been very much a photographer. First as a hobbyist, then as a reviewer and writer for – a site I launched back in 2004 – and now as a professional event photographer. While I was an amateur videographer back in the mid 80’s, the magic of video subsided a bit as my daughter got older. After all, how many hours of video was I really going to watch in 20 years.

With the introduction of the Canon EOS 5DMKII and its ability to capture high-definition (full HD @ 1080p) video, using it’s huge 35mm sensor, a whole new world of video has once again opened up, giving me the ability to capture video with a very cinematic feel to them.

Without going into details, the larger image sensors found in digital SLR’s, combined with the variety of fast interchangeable lenses, allow video to have a shallow depth-of-field (DOF) normally only found in feature films. Shallow DOF gives the camera operator a means to control the viewers eye, by determining which parts of the scene will be sharp and which will be blurred. This feature, along with the amazing low-light capability of the new DSLR’s, has once again turned me into a videoholic.

I have always used music and photographs to tell stories. Whether it was making a ‘mix’ tape in high school to let my girlfriend know how I felt or putting music with my photographs to help make the viewing experience more impacted and hopefully emotional. Regardless of the medium I have always wanted the viewer to feel something when they view my work. Now, I am taking cinema quality video and providing brides & grooms with more than just video from their wedding day.

Another professional photographer and I have teamed up to created a new company called Cinematic Stories. The company is focused on capturing weddings and engagements and we are off to a great start. Since launching the company a couple of months ago we have been fortunate enough to capture the love stories of some beautiful brides & grooms.